Blue Tansy Essential Oil: Benefits and Uses

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The blue tansy essential oil is obtained from distilled Tanacetum annum or Blue tansy, the flowers, leaves, and buds are the parts of the plant that are commonly used to obtain the oil. After it is extracted, the oil gotten usually has a deep blue color and a sweet fruity smell. The color of this essential oil is as a result of the chamazulene contained in the flowers of the plant. The plant from which this essential oil is derived is native to Morocco hence it is often referred to as Moroccan Tansy or as Moroccan chamomile. The essential oil has numerous medical and cosmetic uses that will be discussed in this article.


  • May Help Protect the Skin and Hair

The blue tansy essential oil has numerous benefits for the skin. It may help to heal wounds, leaves the skin feeling soft and eliminates wrinkles. When there is an injury on the skin, the oil can help promote proper healing. Diluting this essential oil is important before applying it to the skin since it can stain the skin and cause irritations. The cooling sensation observed when the blue tansy essential oil touches the skin makes it effective for sunburns. Other skin problems like acne, dry skin, and eczema can also be prevented with the use of the oil. For the hair, it is believed that the application of this essential oil can protect the scalp.

  • May Help Prevent Allergies

Histamine is known to be responsible for allergic reactions but the essential oil has antihistamine properties and so it is effective in preventing allergic reactions. Allergens may accumulate and give rise to a series of allergic symptoms including rashes and sneezing. Asthma attacks may also be as a result of histamine activity. The use of blue tansy oil can be effective as a supportive treatment to other asthma drugs. To use the essential oil to prevent allergies as well as asthma attacks, a few drops may be added to a diffuser and inhaled during aromatherapy sessions.

  • Possesses anti-inflammatory properties and provides relief from pain

Inflammation is the body’s response to injury and it usually initiates the healing process. Chronic inflammation, however, can result in serious health conditions if not properly managed. The blue oil has anti-inflammatory properties, as such, it may be able to prevent chronic inflammation from occurring. Since inflammation or swelling is associated with pain, when this essential oil effectively reduces inflammation, the accompanying pain may also be eliminated. To benefit from its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, this essential oil may be added to bathwater. It may also be massaged after mixing with a carrier oil onto inflamed joints to soothe aching muscles.

  • May help Prevent Infections

Many essential oils including the blue tansy essential oil are able to prevent infections because they have antibacterial and antifungal properties. If these microorganisms are not eliminated, they may multiply and cause further damage to the cells in the body. They may even infect open wounds if not flushed out of the body. A good way to treat a wound with the blue tansy essential oil and prevent infections may be to dilute it with a carrier oil and apply it using a cotton ball to the surface of wounds. Some authors even suggest that the blue tansy essential oil may be a potential replacement for antimicrobial drugs that are cytotoxic, however, more research is needed.

  • May Help Improve Mood and Induce Relaxation

Anger can ruin relationships and certain health conditions may be a result of anxiety and depression. These on their own may limit an individual’s productivity. The good thing about the blue tansy essential oil is that it not only assists in managing physical health, but it is also effective for the psychological wellbeing of an individual. The use of essential oils like the blue tansy essential oil during aromatherapy sessions can induce calmness, ease the mind, and get rid of stress, anxiety, and depression. The aroma of this essential oil may also be able to get rid of negative thoughts and increase positivity in one’s mind. This makes it an ideal choice for improving overall emotional health.

  • May Provide Relief From Nasal Congestion

Just as described earlier, the blue tansy essential oil may be able to prevent asthma attacks and other allergic reactions via its antihistamine activity. In the same way, it may have a similar effect on blocked nasal passages. A few drops of the blue tansy essential oil may be added to steaming water to be used in a facial steam. Inhaling the aroma of this essential oil may be all that is required to clear blocked respiratory passages. It may also be mixed with a carrier oil and then added to a diffuser to stimulate proper breathing in the case of an individual with a cough or a cold.

  • May Act as a Natural Pest Repellent

When insects like mosquitoes bite, they cause inflammation and redness of the skin. As mentioned earlier, the blue tansy essential oil possesses anti-inflammatory properties that not only reduce inflammation but also the accompanying itching and pain that results from such bites. Apart from reducing inflammation caused by insect bites, it can also prevent these insects from biting an individual in the first place. Some authors have suggested adding a few drops of the blue tansy essential oil to lemongrass oil or even lemon essential oil and then putting this mixture in a spray bottle to make an effective insect repellent.


  1. In a Diffuser: A few drops of the blue tansy oil may be added to a diffuser to prevent allergies, improve mood, and induce relaxation.
  • Topical Application: Diluting the blue tansy oil and indeed any type of essential oil before applying it directly to the skin is very important. A few drops of the blue tansy essential oil can also be added to moisturizers to rejuvenate the skin and to hair creams to protect the scalp. It can also be used topically as a massage blend to soothe aching joints and get rid of pains.


Just as with most other essential oils, the blue tansy oil should be avoided during pregnancy and should be applied with caution by the elderly. It should never be ingested because it is poisonous and this essential oil should be kept in a safe place away from children and food items. When applying the blue tansy oil to the skin, it is necessary to properly dilute it as it can cause skin irritations. Purchasing the right type of oil is also important to reap its numerous benefits. Read labels and ensure that only blue tansy oil with the botanical name Tanacetum annum is purchased. This is because there is another type of essential oil that contains a harmful poison and must be avoided. While there may be so many precautions associated with the use of the blue tansy essential oil, it is packed with numerous health benefits. Speaking with a health professional before using the blue tansy essential oil is important since these professionals are in the best position to determine the safety of this essential oil for an individual’s health condition.

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