Amber Essential Oil: Benefits And Uses

Written By Michael Jessimy

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The amber essential oil is a rare oil that is obtained from the fossilized tree resin of ancient trees known as Pinus succinifera (pine trees).

The amber resin is found mostly in Kaliningrad in the Baltic region (hence, called Baltic amber) but there may be smaller amounts of the amber resin in other places such as the Caribbean and even in Peru.

Baltic Amber Stone

To get the amber essential oil, an expensive extraction process is usually required. It involves extracting the fossilized resin from the ocean floor, removing the amber, and finally heating it to a certain temperature to get the essential oil. The essential oil obtained has a unique warm smoky scent and can be used as a perfume. It also has a lot of other benefits and uses that are discussed in this article.

Benefits Of Pure Amber Essential Oil

Amber essential oil has numerous benefits as a topical remedy when used in pure form, thanks in large part to the presence of certain antioxidant compounds.

May Help Relieve Inflammation and Pain

Although inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury, it is usually accompanied by pain and discomfort. The amber essential oil may have analgesic properties and can be used to provide quick relief from pain. It can be mixed with a carrier oil and massaged onto the affected area. it may work by soothing the muscles and the body. The amber essential oil is also believed to contain certain compounds that can induce relaxation and has been used traditionally to treat spasms.

Promotes Restful Sleep

The compounds in the amber essential oil that makes it a good choice for reducing inflammation also help promote sleep. These compounds have a sedative effect and may be used to relieve stress and anxiety. It is best used in aromatherapy to induce relaxation. A few drops of the amber essential oil can be added to a diffuser before going to bed so that its warm scent will fill the entire room and promote healthy sleep.

Good For The Skin

Scar marks, dry skin, and the signs of aging are some of the skin problems that people try to get rid of. Essential oils including amber oil can be helpful to eradicate skin problems.

It is believed that to get rid of dry skin, the amber essential oil works by enhancing the growth of new cells. Also, this oil may be able to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by promoting skin elasticity. Its antimicrobial properties are also beneficial for the skin and it may be very effective in preventing acne by helping to clear clogged pores and reducing skin inflammation.

Improves Focus and Memory

Stress and mental fatigue cause exhaustion and limit productivity. When the amber essential oil is inhaled during aromatherapy, it can induce a calming effect that enhances an individual’s ability to focus. Using the amber essential oil as a massage oil also enhances stability and improves cognitive function. The warm scent of this essential oil can also stimulate the brain to perform tasks better. By helping to improve focus and memory, this essential oil may thus help improve the quality of life.

May Help Boost Immunity

The immune system helps to fight against infections and it is important to maintain a healthy immune system at all times. With essential oils like the amber essential oil, the immune system can be strengthened. It has antibacterial properties that make it capable of preventing harmful bacteria from gaining access to the body to cause damage. It is particularly useful against respiratory infections when it is mixed with a carrier oil and massaged onto the chest to relieve congestion.

May Improve Libido

Just as foreplay can prepare an individual for intimacy, amber essential oil has aphrodisiac properties that can perform a similar function.

This property of the oil may be linked to its ability to reduce stress and anxiety and promote relaxation. It may also be effective because it is able to improve focus and reduce mental fatigue.

An individual’s mood is often linked to the overall sexual experience. This simply means that sexual stimulation is enhanced when the mood is improved and may be achieved with the amber essential oil. It is particularly useful to boost male sex drive thanks to its stimulant properties on testosterone.

Good For The Hair

Dry and damaged hair can be frustrating but can easily be managed with the amber essential oil. To revive dry hair with this essential oil, it is best to massage the oil onto the scalp. This action may also help to strengthen the roots of the hair and may help prevent hair loss and breakage. Another good way to use the amber essential oil to promote healthy hair is to add a few drops of the amber essential oil to shampoo or a conditioner before it is applied to the hair. When the amber essential oil is applied to the hair, it keeps the hair soft and adds volume.

May Help Protect the Heart

Hypertension and elevated levels of low-density lipoproteins affect the heart negatively. Since the heart plays a vital role in the body, it must be kept in a healthy state.

The amber essential oil may work by reducing the levels of bad cholesterol that can disrupt the normal functioning of the heart. The anti-inflammatory property of the amber essential oil also plays a key role as it can help to reduce inflammation within blood vessels.

Factors like stress and anxiety are also known causes of high blood pressure. By eliminating stress and anxiety, the chances of high blood pressure and other heart diseases occurring are greatly reduced.

It also helps to boost heart health by enhancing blood flow through the coronary arteries and improving all-over blood circulation.


  1. Deodorant: This is one of the oldest uses of the amber essential oil. Its warm scent, when mixed with other essential oils and extracts, can give a unique scent. The scent of the amber essential oil also lasts for a longer time and it is popularly used as a fixative oil in the natural perfume industry.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner: To fight dandruff and maintain healthy hair, adding the amber essential oil to shampoo or a conditioner may be of help. A good way to make a unique shampoo with the amber essential oil is to mix it with other carrier oils before adding it to the shampoo. It can then be massaged onto the scalp to achieve the best results.
  • Aromatherapy: The amber essential oil can be added to a diffuser so that its warm earthy scent evaporates. This method is used to boost mood, promote healthy sleep, and improve libido. The relaxing diffuser scent can also clear chest congestion and stomach upset.
  • Moisturizer: When the amber essential oil is mixed with a carrier oil, it can be added to a moisturizer and then spread evenly on the skin. This helps to get rid of skin problems like acne and dry skin.
  • Massage Oil: The amber essential oil can be used as a massage oil when applied topically. It may be necessary to heat the oil before application. This is best used when the essential oil is used to reduce pain and inflammation. Massaging the essential oil onto the affected area in gentle motions can help reduce pain and soothe aching muscles.

What Is An Amber Oil Blend?

A blend refers to a mixture in which the primary oil (amber), is combined with other essential varieties to enhance its actions or potentiate the benefits.

Oftentimes, it may be combined with rose essential oil, bergamot essential oil, vetiver essential oil, rose oil, or even just jojoba oil. Other oils might also be used, depending on particular indication.

Where Can I Find Amber Essential Oil?

You can find either amber essential oil blends or standalone oils for sale in numerous places, but we have had a good experience when purchasing directly from

Precautions When Using The Oil

First and foremost, you should consult your health care provider before using the raw oil. This is particularly true if you have specific medical conditions, as chemical compounds found in the oil might not be appropriate for your usage.

Pregnant women should also stay away. Finally, be careful when using the highly concentrated oil as it may trigger hypersensitivity reactions in sensitive individuals.


Amber essential oil is a rare oil with numerous health benefits and different methods of application. This essential oil may cause skin irritations and must be used with caution. Individuals with skin irritation should seek the opinion of a qualified health professional before using this essential oil.

The quality of the amber essential oil purchased is also important. This is because there are many brands of amber essential oil that are not pure and contain chemicals that are not safe. Strive for therapeutic grade oils as often as you can.

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